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          Leicester City 1-2 defeat to Liverpool, the Red Army broke the deadlock in the 40th minute, Milner straight pass caused Evans to intercept, mane single shot to break the goal. Leicester scored in the 80th minute by Madison, but it was a pity that Albright tripped over with the ball in stoppage time and MANET gave a penalty. Chilwell had three passes in this game, one steals successfully, one clear, one foul and fouled. He is always a player who does not make mistakes in defense.

          1. As far as the Shanghai index is concerned, because bancassurance took the lead in the adjustment of big finance, the current price is relatively low, and the securities companies' stocks, especially the large securities companies, have not seen a significant rise. Therefore, as long as the big financial sector does not have the risk of a sharp fall, then the Shanghai stock index will not be a big event.

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          Defending champions always have some cold and weak performances, which were also revealed in the last few games at the end of last season, so klopp really needs to do more work in the new season. City's problems last season were multifaceted, but there are also players who are not so keen on winning and champions, and the impact of injuries is also an important reason.

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